Wednesday, August 4, 2010

yet another project?!?!?

Ok, so I just blogged 2 days ago preaching how I was not going to start any new projects until I wrap up the current in progress ones I have going......THEN while trolling craigslist I come across this amazing vintage mantle for FREE!!!! I have always hated our fireplace since the day we moved in...It is brick which I am not a huge fan of & especially when its not all that pretty to begin with or taken care of over the years....then there is this ENORMOUS mantle with no details whatsoever...just a plain hunk of wood...I never did anything to it since I didn't know exactly what I wanted and mantles are not cheap?!?! So...I talked hubby into picking this up for me (and let me not forget to mention that its 1.5 drive, I am so gonna owe for this one!!) To my defense we will not be starting this project anytime soon and it will most likely fall into the Fall/Winter project pile since its an indoor redo and we have plenty of outdoor projects to complete before the snow starts flying here in CNY!
Here is our current situation, ugly stained brick & all!!!!

Our plan is to either take down the huge mantle (MY vote!!) but this will not be an easy task since the sheet rock and pretty much the entire fireplace is built around this mammoth piece of wood & sheet rock over the brick, leaving only the woodstove, then plop this new lovely mantle in its place and thats it......Or we might have to somehow try to incorporate at least part of the existing mantle into the new one painting it all to match but I am really hoping for the 1st option!!! I realize it wont be that easy or quick of a project and birds will not be singing when rainbows appear BUT I am so excited nevertheless even knowing the grief and growling I will be receiving from Dave!!!!!
Here is a peek @ the new mantle we picked up yesterday

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  1. nichole,
    stay away from that CL! i'm kidding! it's by far the bESTest place to find deals.

    nice find, like the curvy inside edges and the detail. looking forward to the redo.

    judi ;)