Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taaa Daaa.......

The ever so lovely BEFORE shot!!!

Here it is...finally in Emmie's room and an amazing transformation is complete, well almost since I have no cushion on top yet but found out the quilt that came with our crib bedding folded in 1/2 is a perfect fit!! SCORE, I don't have to shell out $$ for fabric! I have some foam already and hopefully can figure out how to sew the quilt around it like a pillowcase or my wonderful lovely neighbor (hint hint Janine!!) will help me out!!! Savannah truly did EAT HER WORDS!!!!!!!!!!! She is already wanting a window seat for her own room and I quote "Mom I didn't know it would look like that & be so pretty when you were done!!" Music to my ears & an important life lesson learned for my almost 6 year old...don't just a book by its cover, first impressions are not everything!!

The much improved AFTER shot!!!
I was in LOVE with one of the other knobs I had posted but could not justify spending close to $40 for 4 knobs I would be putting on a roadside freebie ;) So I found these for under $15 for all 4 & they were the winner!

Our kitty seems to approve of this new spot too!

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  1. Nice.. make me a pie, sew me a cushion, we are going to be working on teaching you all of this stuff, you can do it....look at how lovely you made this piece of junk, where is the pic of the mantel? After vacation we will plan some projects.