Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Menu!

Meal #1 Fish tacos w/ mango salsa & tortilla chips
Meal #2 Basic Mac n Cheese w/ hotdogs & fruit salad
Meal #3 Turkey Caesar Sandwich w/ Olive Garden Salad & cantelope
Meal #4 Ravioli w/ tomato & onion sauce w/ Olive Garden breadsticks & fresh fruit
Meal #5 Buffalo Chicken Sandwichs w/ tossed salad & french fries (♥ this brand!)

Strawberry freezer jam {this will be awesome with all those strawberries we just picked}
Award Winning cookies
Chocolate swirl banana bread
Iced Coffee - we drink a ton of iced coffee this time of year, this method looks WAY easier than making espresso each time we are craving an iced coffee!

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