Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lazy Days Skirt!

Thanks to my friend Jenn for sharing this skirt pattern with me...super easy & so cute! I let the girls pick their fabrics for these skirts..I was able to coax Emmie into something we both liked but Savannah was harder to convince ;)  She goes for the bright & vibrant prints which isn't all bad but check out these fabrics we ended up with & know that these are SUPER tame from what she started with! I am talking hot pink & black leopard print, then there was one with monkeys & palm trees....anyway, she was thrilled to see her skirt yesterday when she got home, so much that she wore it to school today! I see myself making several more of these skirts, the ribbon hem is just too sweet! Not to mention these are CHEAP, I only used 1/4 yd for Emerson & 1/2 yd for Savannah + ribbon!

fabric for 1 more skirt each girl :)

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