Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cookies for Breakfast?!?!

I posted a recipe awhile back...I couldn't find the page but I know I had posted wanting to try these!  Well I happened to have buttermilk for another recipe so I baked them last night and served them for breakfast today!  They were a HIT!  Even hubby {the anti-wheat bleached white bread lover} liked them! AMAZING!

I let the grains soak all day and put them together last night..they are super moist and delish!  Kids thought they were in heaven getting to have cookies for breakfast so I win the super cool mom award while getting healthy stuff in their little tummies! SCORE!  Serve these with some fresh fruit on the side & start their day off right!

Hope you enjoy the recipe like we did! We used chocolate chips {of course} but I think it would good with raisins too!

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