Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crayon Shadow Box! ~Teacher Gift~

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Savannah was lucky to have an amazing teacher this year.  We lucked out with Kindergarten and our luck continued to 1st grade, Mrs.Webb was just the right balance of strict and sweet!  When we saw this in Family Fun magazine she wanted to make it for a gift to Mrs.Webb. I was all for it since it was way easier than these batches and batches of strawberry jam we made last year for everyone she remotely had contact with at school!

Here is our gift, I found a 12x12 scrapbook page at JoAnns that looked like the writing paper, so I grabbed a 12x12 shadow box & got started peeling & breaking crayons!  Project was pretty cheap and hopefully will be gracing her classroom walls forever!  The shadow boxes were 40% off so it was $14.99 & the scrapbook paper was only 59cents, we are always overflowing with crayons & I used my E6000 glue to hold it all in place!  You could really do this in any size shadow box, much smaller or larger - totally customizable project!

Forming the W was trickier than I thought but we finally got it to where I am happy with it, not perfect but I had to lock my OCD anal retentive side in the closet for this project! Word to the wise, I had problems with hot glue melting the crayons and the Tacky Glue they suggest using did not work well for me, I would go with good ole Elmers or the E6000 which I use on anything and everything craft related! I also tried using a paper with a crayon/pencil border but it was just too overwhelming..the clean look is definitely the way to go with this!

If you want to make one for a special teacher or anyone in your life, go here for the directions!

Here's to hoping we continue our lucky streak with 2nd grade teachers!  Only 1/2 day more to go then 

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  1. Love this idea! Great personal teacher gift. You did great Nichole.