Sunday, June 19, 2011

HAPPY Fathers Day!

Wishing my husband a very happy fathers day! You are an amazing dad, I really believe it takes a special guy to handle living with ALL girls {even the animals}!  I appreciate you TODAY and EVERYDAY!

Top 10 reasons you are a great daddy!
#10 Listening to Kidz Bop instead of country music
#9 Listening to countless stories & endless talking from both our girls
#8 Playing barbies & doll house instead of GI Joe
#7 Knowing when to be the tough guy & when to be the cuddly guy
#6 The look in your eyes while you are watching your girls & you think nobody is looking
#5 Always stepping up as a dad & husband without hesitation
#4 Watching Blues Clues instead of your TV show
#3 Taking the girls fishing even though its chaotic instead of relaxing
#2 Passing out hugs & kisses & I love yous each & every day
#1 Letting the girls paint your fingernails & playing dress up {that takes a REAL man}

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