Saturday, June 25, 2011


Big day in the Barilla house...Savannah got her ears pierced.  It wasn't planned, had not even talked about it but while out shopping she looks at the jewelry counter at Kohls and decides she wants to have her ears off to the mall we go. 

 Waiting & still excited..but soon the screaming begins

Checking out the marker dots to make sure they are even

Here we go!!

All done finally!!!!
{I win the super nice mom of the year award here as I am laughing & she is screaming!}

NOW later at home she is thrilled & cannot wait to get "BIG hoop earrings"!!  Oh man, kinda scared for what she will pick out when its time to change them!


  1. Look at the big girl! I can't wait to buy her some earrings! And just what were you laughing about? I remember when you got yours done and I don't think I laughed at you!

  2. Oh my gosh that brought back memories. When my niece was young I held her while she got her ears pierced...of course she howled and oh the looks I got from people. Of course she stopped after 2 seconds. I think the noise of the piercing gun scared her more than it hurt!