Thursday, June 9, 2011

House Party!!

Have you heard of ?    You all know how I love a good deal, freebie, coupon, giveaway, etc.  Well this is all that kinda rolled into one!  Perfect!!!  You can register on their site and apply to host various parties.  Really the only commitment you have to make is to host a party with however many people you want, have the product to sample and pass out the freebies to friends!

I have applied for a few but never was chosen until recently. This is a Breakstone Sour Cream event for June to sample their new sour cream dips & zesty blends.    My Bunco group is going to be on June 18th this month so I plan on bringing the dips w/ some chips & veggies along with the coupons & cutting mats to pass out!  In this Party Pack I received a chip & dip serving bowl, spatula & coupons for FREE products. Also $1 coupons, recipe booklets & flexible cutting mats to pass out to guests!

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