Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Curse of the smocked dress! Seriously!?!?

Ok...so I have tried to make these super cute smocked sundresses twice now.  The first time I don't know if it was my machine, fabric choice, combination or what...now I am thinking the sewing gods are just against me! I went to my friend's today to give it another go with different fabric & my machine all tuned up..did several practice runs on scrap fabric at home and thought I was golden.........well I get through about 4 lines of the smocking with elastic thread and my machine (the BRAND flippin new one mind you!?!) goes kaput.......it won't sew...it sounds like its revving up as if winding a bobbin but the needle does not go up and down and nothing is functioning right?!?! AAAAHHHHHHH Why me?!?!?

I guess its humorous in a way & I was laughing about it but also incredibly frustrating since all I want are 2 cute little sundresses for my girls...just like the ones Heather Ross cranks out right and left with her eyes closed & 1 hand behind her back (totally sarcastic & completely jealous here) in that video....oh Martha & Heather why have you forsaken me?!?! My friend took pity on me & my insanity and kept the fabrics at her house to finish up herself with her machine.  Thank goodness for Lianne and the fact she has 2 boys which makes her drool over sewing cutesy little girl things.

I have contacted Brother with no help other than giving me the phone number for a nearby service center. Dave will most likely take a look at it tonight for me and if nothing comes from that I will be marching it back to Walmart and considering switching brands all together because how insane is all this?!?!?!

So...stay tuned yet again for these oh so elusive sundresses that will surely be coming to my blog soon thanks to my amazing seamstress friend Lianne! I guess I should be thankful for this cold rainy weather we are having since the girls would not be able to wear the dresses now anyway!

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