Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Menu!

Meal #1 Easy Baked Tortellini w/ Dilly garlic bread & tossed salad
Meal #2 Crockpot Pork Carnitas w/ spanish rice & chips w/salsa
Meal #3 BBQ chicken, macaroni salad & watermelon
Meal #4 Minestrone Soup w/ rolls  & fruit salad
Meal #5 Popover upside down pizza w/ tossed salad

Things to try:

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Bread (I have yet to be dissapointed by any recipes from this blog!!)

Hot fudge sauce ( I have been wanting a hot fudge sundae all week for whatever reason so now MUST do! I will make vanilla icecream and put this goodness allllllll over it!)

1 comment:

  1. I especially like the look of the tortellini and strawberry chocolate chip bread. Yummy eats at your place!