Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pattern Virgin no more!

Soo...I finally conquered my fears of the pattern I bought over a month ago....these ridiculously cute apron front knot sundresses have been everywhere & I loved them...but I did not love the price found a pattern (I grabbed from ebay for under $5!) and got super cute Amy Butler fabrics but just could not force myself to jump in! There are super cute ruffle pants, headband, bag, & top in addition to the dress so I see myself getting a lot of use from this pattern!

HUGE thanks to my friend Lianne - {seamstress extraordinaire} she walked me through using a pattern for the first time!  I finished up Emerson's dress today and now cannot wait to get started on Savannah's! 

Here is my little Emmie modeling, she was beyond thrilled with her fancy dress!


  1. WOW! So super cute! We should trade dresses! You pick a pattern and I will pick a pattern. I just made one with buttons that is similar. I will take pics soon.

  2. Such a cute model!! She should be in the movies!!