Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You should see the other guy!

Emmie is my rough and tough kid..she is my girl version of a boy, whereas Savannah has always been all girl!  Well yesterday Em had her first major accident, not shabby since she will be 3 in just a couple months! 

While running across her bedroom to put something in the toy box she tripped and went face first into the corner of the box!  HUGE thud sound and she dropped to the ground, I run over, Savannah freaks out & blood starts pouring out...followed by screams and tears!  We got the bleeding stopped quickly but it was instantly black/blue and super swollen.  I went back and forth on taking her to urgent care & Dave looked when he got home and we decided not to, it had closed back up on its own and she was calmed down, other than complaining her ouchie hurt she was normal.  This picture truly doesn't do it justice, even today its a huge purple goose egg with a nice red slit across it. YIKES!!!

Luckily, its nothing a Popsicle couldn't fix!

We were off to the pediatrician this morning anyway since she has a nasty cough & yucky booger nose (as she calls it!) Her with her bruised goose egg & cut and me sporting a swollen eye since I got some type of bug bite on my eyelid last night & a black/blue thumb from slamming it in the back door of my car over the weekend....I just told them we got in a bar fight & they should see the other guy!?! :)  They looked at her head and said it should not scar so here's to hoping!

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