Friday, May 13, 2011

Patriotic Tiered Skirts!!

Hooray!!! Super cute RED WHITE & BLUE skirts for the girls to wear to the upcoming Memorial Day parade are done! I got all the fabrics on clearance at Joanns, I WAY over bought, I was not sure how much I would need since the measurements were in inches, the lady at the cutting counter tried to figure it out and I went with what she said....I didn't even use a 1/4 of the amount I bought so will have to come up with something else to make with what remains! 

These were not hard to make but pretty time consuming...lots of measuring and cutting and pinning and just farting around with them...Plus I had a super busy week so just squeezed in little bits here and there..Dave will be thrilled to come home & be able to see the dining room table again!  I am super happy with how they came out.  A few mess-ups here and there but I will just keep people a safe distance from their waist down so they dont notice! ;)

I used this tutorial, and the AWESOME calculator they have was fantastic for getting everything lined up the right way!


  1. oh, those are super cute! If you're looking for something to do with the extra, I know a little girl who'd love a skirt just like that! ;)

  2. they look great, love the fabric!!!

  3. ADORABLE! Please, please teach me how to sew!

    (Gordon Gossip)