Saturday, May 7, 2011

1st garage sale adventure of the season!

My good friend Lisa and I hit up a HUGE neighborhood wide garage sale this morning.  This was my first outing of the season, super excited since I have been jonesing for deals and treasures all winter long!

I spent under $15 which was AWESOME and while I did not make any amazing finds I did find some great fabrics, buttons, ruffle trim and a new iron!  Seriously..I think I have gone over the deep end with this whole sewing thing but I am loving it!  Plus who can beat 50 cents for 2-3 yds of fabric?!?!  With all this sewing, I have busted out my iron and ironing board more in that past month then I have in the past 10 years so when I found a super nice iron for only 50 cents I grabbed it & ran!  I was proud of myself for walking away from an antique china cabinet that was FREE!!! I still cannot believe it and I should have had my friend take a picture of me with it for proof because Dave doesn't believe it either! :)  It was in rough shape but still I am shocked I was not shoving it in the back of my SUV!

Here is to many more garage sale treasures to come this Spring and Summer!!!!!!!

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  1. I'll bet Dave is thanking me right about now :) I'm pretty sure that cabinet would have fallen apart if we had tried to move it!
    Major hills + garage sales = very tired, sore legs!!! I've got to get in better shape!!