Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beach Towel Cover-ups!

We intend to spend a lot of time checking out the local lakes this summer with the girls..I have seen tutorials all over for making swimsuit cover ups out of beach towels, not to mention seeing super cute cover ups in all the stores!  I finally grabbed a towel both girls could agree on and today cranked out 2 cover ups with enough left to make probably 1 more!  So for under $10 I get 3 swimsuit cover ups, not bad at all!

whether lounging by the pool

or having a fudge pop

I used this tutorial but without the shirring on top so they are a little baggy but my girls HATE tight clothing so it will work well for us. As all of you know elastic thread and I had a huge falling out and do not get along these days {I can hold a heck of a grudge!}. I hope one day to rekindle my love affair for the thread and make amends since its essential in countless cute sewing projects...but for now I just wanted to enjoy making these cover ups and playing with my new sewing machine!  YEP, the Brother machine I got is history and I found a Singer Ingenuity on Craigslist for a great deal....turns out I met a super nice local blogger too!  I always worry that I will come across from FREAK on CL but this time just the opposite!  Check out her blog,  ItsSewKiki. This is the amazing seamstress I bought the machine from since she recently upgraded.  I feel like its blessed and full of luck considering the beautiful things she has produced using it!  I swear its like going from a cheap tiny compact car to a Cadillac Escalade! ha ha :)

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  1. Seriously? How cute are those girls? You did a great job on the them! And how sweet are you with all those compliments and blog shout-out. Thank you so much. I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you sew. My machine has found a blessed new home! So happy for you!