Monday, July 25, 2011

Zucchini Invasion!

We just happen to have great neighbors....who just happen to have a great garden every summer...who just happen to share their great bounty with us!  So....we are getting flooded with these HUGE zucchini over the past week! 

What to do with all these zucchini?!?!  Turn to one of my favorite recipes I discovered last summer! 

{minus the walnuts of course & do yourself a NOT skip the frosting on these, its amazing!}

{photo from}

Sit back and watch your non veggie eating, green food hating, picky eater kiddos scarf these down and beg for more..all the while you are doing the happy victory dance & shouting (in your head of course!) "Neener Neener Neener you just ate zucchini!!!"

Have any zucchini recipes for share with me? I seem to have an overabundance and they keep arriving! I have the standard zucchini bread recipe, plus we like to bread them {dip in egg & then seasoned breadcrumbs) and lightly fry in olive oil, I add them to spagetti sauce, puree them and sneak them into LOTS of meals, I am stocking my freezer this summer but would also like to use them fresh right outta the garden!

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