Friday, July 8, 2011

Roadside Rescue!

So I have this thing with picking up "treasures" along the road that people discard. I swear I do drive by A LOT without stopping but I seem to pick up A LOT as well. I drove by this dresser 3 times last week, actually stopped & looked at it once then finally went back for it!

It was hard to get past all the garbage surrounding it, and the missing bottom drawer front, peeling veneer, etc....but I fell in love with the charm & details of the piece.  Knowing hubby would kill me for rescuing it I brought it home and started working right away...within 2 hours from it sitting on the curb it was sanded, prepped and mostly painted!  I had to remove the veneer totally from the larger drawer as well as 1 side of the dresser. Luckily everything else was ok just being sanded down. The drawers were in rough shape but hubby helped me sturdy those up {complaining all the while about yet another of my projects, but he is a trooper I tell ya!}

Out of all the bad, I saw the good! {really good if you ask me}

Recently Glidden had a paint giveaway..I love to have paint on hand & I love freebies so it was like heaven!  Anyway...I chose Glidden Truly Olive in eggshell finish, no reason or plan but now I knew it was fate ;)

{I am TOTALLY over the moon in love with this color!}

So, here is the finished if I could just talk Dave into letting me keep it!

Just look at that color on those details & a quick spray of black spray paint on the handles makes them really pop against the green!
I lined the drawers with this vintage looking fabric I had in my stash..the green is almost identical!
Part of me always wants to go back to the curbside I got the treasure from and show them what became of their discarded items...but then the other part of me fears they would demand I give it back to them! HaHa!


  1. LOVE the curve and legs! Great job Nichole! Don't let the hubby every stifle the creative eye you have.
    Love ya-Paula

  2. Gorgeous! I always think about doing these cool projects and admire that you actually do them! Super nice!

  3. Great job Nichole! You are so talented.

  4. Nichole! Way to go:) Beautiful,

  5. you seriously need your own show...or maybe a magazine...probably, definitely a STORE! Great work Mama :)

  6. See, I am not the only one that thinks you could sell this stuff! So where is it going??

  7. I never would have seen that vision for the dresser. It is now perfectly beautiful.

  8. Awesome!!! I love the dresser and the color is great! How lucky to have such good trash, right? ;-). I did a similar dresser awhile back (how I wish I had found it curbside...). Take a look -

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  10. My hubby is a salvager. We have some old pieces that need a makeover. Thanks for the inspiration! I have a new vision of usefulness for them :)