Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yet another curbside creation!

I swear...I was not even going to stop for it....then I slooooooooowed way down to take a look & Savannah saw it out the window and said we should pick it up and take it home?!?!? Huh!??! This coming from the girl who normally says "leave that junk, its garbage!" {lets just say she has been very WELL trained by her father!}

So I told her if it was still there on the way home I would grab it but she would be taking the heat from daddy for it!  We made our grocery store run and came home, there it was....waiting for us!  So another Trash Transformation for the Barilla house!

Used paint from my stash & decided to give the interior a little pick-me-up as well with the same silver spray paint I used on the hardware!

Now....much to Dave's dismay this WILL be staying at our house & its part of the guest room mini makeover I have planned?!?! {ssshhhh.....don't tell him any of this} I desperately need a sewing space...and while I would LOVE an entire wing room in the house that's just not possible! So I can stop taking over the dining table & having to move my machine & contraband from place to place, I am carving out a little corner of the guest room to use & this sweet little cabinet will hold my fabrics and sewing paraphernalia perfectly! The guest room is in light blues, white & silver {luckily dear hubby has not picked up on the fact this was painted to match the decor!}


  1. Looks great! What a find! I used our guest room as a sewing room, till hubby built me the studio. It's nice to have a place where you can go and just leave everything set up while you're working on a project.

  2. nice find! love the little doors at the bottom and your paint finish is just perfect. i did the same thing with our guest room (formerly son's room who just got married).

    ps...i won't tell ;) and are you going to bouckville this year?

  3. love it! I like that Savannah is getting into picking up treasures now. I am itching for some good finds, I think I will drive around next trash nite... Mike won't be happy.:)