Saturday, July 16, 2011

California Beach Camping!

I have been unplugged for the past week & its been fantastic!!! As much as I ♥ the internet, cell phones, television & microwaves it was so nice to take a break for a week! 

We met my whole family in San Diego and camped on the beach for the week with them!  My nieces and nephew had no idea that we were flying literally coast to coast to meet them so it was an AMAZING surprise!  We arrived and were just walking through the campsite, they saw us but at first didn't even notice..then when they realized it took a moment for it to even seem real! SOOOO fun & a great surprise!  My mom & both my sisters with their families do this every July the past few years & this year we crashed their campsite!

My whole family on South Carlsbad Beach

Thanks to my sister Paula {the Cruise Director as my sister Michele referred to her as} we had games EVERY night!  One night was Minute to Win It where each family battled each other in ridiculous games!  Everyone had a blast & I am totally claiming the Barilla Family WON it hands down!!!!!
 Makayla doing the "Candy Elevator" & Dave rocking the "Chocolate Narwhal"

Maddy working the "back flip"
Paula doing the "baby rattle" {check out those guns}!

Alyssa totally bombing at "bottoms up"  

Lots of play time in the sand & surf although Emerson only managed to get out of that beach chair and actually in the sand once!

Our family on our last night in Cali!

VERY happy to be home with power & a nice clean bathroom. Not to mention I have missed blog land & pinterest & facebook..WOW I am a social network junkie more than I thought I guess! Great memories to keep for a lifetime, thanks to my mom & sisters for everything, it was an amazing week!


  1. Great pics! Thank you so much for coming, we loved it that you guys came! I wish it could happen every year.
    Paula AKA Cruise Director

  2. So nice to see you guys too!

    The other Barilla's that drove to see you :)