Sunday, July 24, 2011

2 weeks of cousin filled FUN!!

Within just 2 weeks we got to see our girls with ALL their cousins which I just love! Just wish it didn't have to be so far between visits!

We got the treat of seeing both my sister's kiddos in California on our camping trip.  My girls think these teenage girls are the seriously the coolest people to walk the earth. Savannah & Kellen always have a blast together, only wish it could be more often!

Dave's brother and wife also made the drive out to California from Arizona to see us so we got double the family fun in 1 trip!  They have the 2 cutest boys EVER.  Brock is an amazing kid and so excited about monster trucks and sand castles and running into the ocean.  Brody is the sweetest little baby boy with the most amazing blue eyes & a silly grin that you cant help but smile back! 

Here is a great picture of Uncle Dave with his nephews {see that awesome cheesy grin?}

My sister in law Heather & I {my lovely sunburn, this NY whitey in CA!}

Sweet little Brody napping on the beach while Brock & Savannah built MEGA sand castles!

Well we got back from our camping adventure & Dave's sister Willow arrived in NY to visit with our niece Angelina.  This little girl is super feisty & nonstop energy..she wants to do it all and see it all & she calls me "Auntie Ice-cream!" which is a name I have earned with pretty much all my littlest nieces & nephews but especially her!  Beautiful little girl with long blond hair, her daddy better watch out when she gets older!!! 

These 3 girls would not sit still long enough to get a picture {even with the candy bribe} BUT I managed to get this shot of them on our front porch tonight!

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