Monday, July 18, 2011

My first Silhouette project!

So..finally got my hands on a I did not win one, even though I entered more contests monthly than I care to admit!  Dave finally said "Just buy one already", keep in mind this is when he was still glowing in the purchase of his "new" motorcycle! 

I finally made my first project with it and am in love...I have a LOT of learning to do with this machine still so its frustrating right now...I am seriously NOT a software person and so learning a new program is like learning a new language to me....but I managed to make some cute towels for my nieces & nephew to give them for our CA beach vacation last week!

For a reason way beyond me, my 3 teenage nieces have this absurd love affair with narwhals...what in the world is a narwhal you are probably asking right now...its like the "unicorn of the sea"...check it out here!

So I decided I would make beach cover ups for each girl & my plan was to have one large narwhal on each towel...well I could not figure out how to make them large since you are supposed to use those fancy schmancy carrier mats when cutting fabrics so I made 3 for each towel, yet you are supposed to be able to make things up to 39" long?!?!  I also did not have any of the fabric interfacing so I used No Sew Heat-N-Bond {totally unprepared I tell ya!} and it worked great! 

I really wanted to get pictures of the girls in their towels but with the craziness of the week failed to!  All I did was take a full size towel & sew strips of velcro onto each towel like this tutorial shows.

Without further adieu I give you the famous narwhal beach cover ups! These were seriously a hit, I had Dave wrap one around himself and the girls tackled him to the ground to get it until they realized I had one for each of them!

I could not leave out my crazy nephew who is insanely into anything & everything pirates! So I did a cape version for him rather than a wrap {just sewed the velcro at different points}.
It's hard to tell in this picture but its a pirate ship on the bottom! I bought all the fabrics weeks before the trip & bought towels later, forgetting the fabric was black so it was really hard to actually see the ship! Since I was making these at midnight the day before we left I had not time to fix that so we just went with what we had!

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  1. Great job!! I know what you mean about that "motorcycle glow"....Joe just bought a new dirt bike....hmmmm....maybe it's time for me to get a Silhouette!