Monday, September 14, 2009


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Craigslist!!!! We scored this AMAZING playset FREE last Monday and have been working on it all last week & over the weekend finally finished and brought it out back! We had to replace a few broken pieces of wood & buy some hardware that was missing..I sanded it all and stained it to match..looks AMAZING!!! This is around $1300 from BJ's and part of it was never even assembled...still had plastic on the swings & monkey bars!!! Rockwall, 2 swings, trapeze swing, picnic table, clubhouse, slide....awesome!!!!

On the school front..Savannah still crys every morning and does not want to go..hoping this gets better soon because its hard on her & mommy too!! Took her a couple weeks to like preschool so hoping she starts liking kindergarten soon! She says that she wants to go back to preschool and save kindergarten for later, sorry but we cant do then she says she wishes it was a choice to go to school or not but she knows everyone HAS to do it! Poor girl, hope she does better this week!

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