Sunday, September 27, 2009

the BEST day EVER!

According to Savannah.....yesterday was her "MOST PERFECT BEST DAY EVER". Considering it was my birthday thats pretty good for her :) We went to Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards in LaFayette which was my choice of how to spend my birthday...A perfect Fall weather but the sun kept peaking out and there was that little wind which added a fall chill to the air, not to mention sending the smell of fresh hot apple fritters and pies thru the air!

Started off with a pony ride for Savannah...again my bday but she sure did luck out! Then into the store to get my birthday apple pie to take home & a candy apple for Savannah (her first EVER!!)....then we picked almost $20 worth of only 79cents a pound thats quite alot of apples...We got macoun, honeycrisp(my FAV), macintosh (Savannah's FAV) & cortland (Dave's FAV)..on the wagon ride back to the front after picking Savannah looks up at me and announces that this was the most perfect day ever...that put an instant smile on my face...what is better than seeing your little girl as happy as she can be!!!! Finished off with getting HOT apple fritters to eat on the way home!

Now I have all these plans for french apple pie, apple crisp, crockpot applesauce..YUMMY!!!

It really was the perfect day.....

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