Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BIG Smiles & No Tears!!! HOORAY 1st day of kindergarten!

Today is a HUGE day for us...Savannah is off to her 1st day of kindergarten @ Burton Street Elementary..Mrs. Bailey's class, where she already has 5 friends! She did great, got up EARLY @ 6:15 with no complaining...got dressed, had breakfast & was at the bus stop early! She was a champ getting on the bus which was a HUGE relief & surprise for mom & dad! I let the other moms know that this will probably be the one & only time they see me showered & dressed at the bus stop!! LOL :)

We drove up to the school and found her waiting outside her classroom and said she has a great ride on the bus & made a new friend already! She got a little teary and scared while waiting in the hall outside her classroom but no tears fell! Heres to hoping she has a FANTASTIC 1st day and wont dread going back tomorrow!!!

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