Friday, September 18, 2009

Hurray for a Tear-Free Friday!!!

WAAHOO!!!!! NO tears @ the bus this morning....1st time since the 1st day of school last Tuesday! Lets hope this trend sticks no matter the reason for it! Savannah told me this morning when she was getting out of bed that last night Daddy promised she could get a "real-life fish" if she did not cry about school for 1 full week! See what happens when I leave Dad @ home in charge of the girls so I can go to curriculum night at school! BUT I must say that 1 small goldfish is a price I am willing to pay for painless, guilt-free, no tears mornings! As we were standing at the bus stop waiting this morning she looked up at me and said she is going to try and make it this good everyday! SWEET words from a super sweet girl who despite her protesting for over a week now is beginning to like kindergarten!!!

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