Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween! {a little late!!}

We spent Halloween in Arizona this year so I am behind on posting for the holiday! It was a whirlwind trip but so much fun!!! I got to visit with my mom, sisters, grandma, brother in laws, sister in laws & all my WONDERFUL nieces and nephews.....they are the very best thing of visiting AZ and the hardest thing to be so far away from! Jasmine, Alyssa, Makayla, Madison, Kaeden, Kellen, Brock, Angelina, & Brody!
I got the chance to go and visit with my grandma, my dad's mom who I recently got back in touch with a few years ago and have repaired the relationship with and am so thankful that my girls get to know my dad's mom, their great grandma! She is my real connection with my dad since he passed away and I am thankful to get a chance to show her his grandkids and have pictures to treasure. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and her camera was not working so I only grabbed this cell phone photo but its better than nothing!
I got to meet my newest nephew Brody and he is so precious!!! Brock is an amazing big brother, Dave's brother & his wife have a beautiful family! My sweet niece Angelina came to see Auntie Icecream with Dave's sister Willow and her husband! That little girl is a pistol and cracks me up, I love it because she is so much like her mom & it drives her mom crazy which I am sure my mother in law loves!!!! Don't moms always say they hope you have a kid just like yourself so we can know what they went through!?! Jeremy's son Kaeden was at his moms and couldn't make it & we were bummed to miss him!

Got a pic with Grammy and almost all her grandkids, Jasmine was working & couldn't make it to dinner before Trick or Treating.

Amazing weather for trick or treating, a little too hot for us but when we heard it was snowing back here in NY we were thrilled to be out in shorts & t-shirts!

Savannah was Batarina and Emerson was a Candy Corn Fairy! Much less material than they usually have to wear for Halloween...next year we will be back to the 1 piece hooded fuzzy warm costumes!! We did the Trunk or Treat at my sister's Paula's church on Saturday night then Trick or treating with all the cousins on my side at my sister Michele's house Sunday night.

This last picture we like to call AZ Aftermath...the girls were BEAT from just a quick cross country trip but hey we got them to sit still for a picture finally!!

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