Thursday, November 11, 2010

Before & After

So.......I have this lucky corner, where I find lots of "treasures"...Dave tries to avoid that corner whenever he is driving but against his better judgement a few weeks ago there we were.....travelling THE ROAD he is driving and I'm sitting there with my fingers crossed that it would be a lucky day, & that I will convince him to pull over so I can safely check out whatever is there rather than jumping from the car and risking injury ;) hoping for a day that these people whomever they are put out something they see as junk that I see as junk with amazing potential ;)

BEFORE: just out of the car @ it's new home!

It was in rough shape, lots of paint layers...the rolltop part would barely move. Dave helped me(by helped I mean he did that whole part on his own!) take it all apart and he firmed up the chair & desk, I sanded and sanded and sanded and then sanded some more.....

I think I read too many blogs because I used to never notice stuff laying beside the I search for it, drive different routes home than the way I went...just on the off chance I will SCORE!!! :)

PREPPED & ready for painting!!!

This is the second piece of curbside castoffs in Emerson's room (here is the first) & she was so excited about it...even in its original dirty rickety (is that even a word?!?) state she was thrilled with her desk and so was Savannah since she would get hers back!
My paint, "Ballet Slipper" & "Ivory" I heart Krylon spray paint!!

AFTER: a super cute little vintage desk for a super cute little gal!

We still need to shop for some cute little accessories but I wanted to snap some pictures because even as I am typing this I can hear 2 little girls in that room squealing and coloring and I am sure the desktop is already marked up, just minutes after I placed it in her bedroom!!

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  1. Adorable! I probably would have let it sit in the garage for a year before doing that, good for you for getting it done so quickly!