Saturday, November 13, 2010


So, those of you that know me, know that I am cheap and save money wherever I can! We separate our cardboard & recyclable items so we only have 1 can of garbage a week to take to the dump! I have looked into compost bins for awhile know but they are pricey! We have always had a vegetable garden and this summer took the time to fence it in (you can see that here) and make it a really nice area! So, aside from saving $$ on garbage every week the compost thing would work great to make our garden soil even better for next year!

Not to mention for all you tree huggers out there, "hooray, go green be kind to your planet yadda...yadda..yadda" Not that I am not a fan of being good to our earth and doing my part, I just don't go all crazy over it...but with this project we get benefits on all points!

Today was the day! I looked online to find basic plans for a DIY composter, grabbed an extra storage tote I had in the attic and ran outside! With a drill we made several holes in the lid and sides of the tote and a few on the bottom for drainage. We got super fancy and even spelled out "Compost" on the side of the bin! Dave even jumped in & helped, as much as he makes fun of my "blogland" he likes to make the picture roll occasionally ;)

We then put some leaves and dirt in the bottom of it and now have our very own compost bin! So now we just take our food scraps out and toss them in the bin, give a stir occasionally and Voila, so easy...took literally 5 minutes to do and the rewards will be fantastic!
$0 project, gotta love that!!


  1. I have a giant plastic trashcan that I use. be warned, it fills up fast!

  2. And how is the compost? Has it taken a long time or a short time to "make"?