Monday, November 22, 2010

Teacher gift ~ Thanksgiving Thank You!

Teachers...they play a HUGE part in our kids daily life and while we should thank them daily I am sure we don't! This time of year, Thanksgiving, is a time for showing our gratitude and realizing just how much we have to be thankful for! I wanted to put together a little thank you gift for Savannah's 1st grade teacher and her bus driver (they have an incredibly important job of delivering our kids to school and back home safely everyday!!) and Emerson's 2 preschool teachers. As always, little $$ to spend so cheap yet thoughtful was my goal!

I have TONS of these vintage canning jars in the attic (sshhh..don't tell Dave because I don't think he knows exactly how many are hiding up there!) I grabbed 4 and cleaned them up with some multi-surface windex & scrubbed the metal part with some steel wool. I found a fabric quarter @ Walmart over the weekend ($1) and a roll of thick jute type ribbon ($1.97)...combine that with 3 bags of candy (on SALE & with coupons of course!)

Candy into the jars, cute fabric on top under the glass lid, clamp them down and tie a piece of the thick jute ribbon around the neck of the jar, then I used a leaf template I have for scrapbooking and cut out 3 colorful leaves to write our thank you notes on and attached those using leftover garden twine!

I put together 4 nice gifts for under $10 TOTAL!!!

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