Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Declaration! if I put it in writing for whomever reads this blog to see then I feel more accountable and will hold myself to it right?!?!?!

WHAT you are asking is this life changing declaration??? Simply 3 words....LET IT GO.......

I find myself feeling overwhelmed 98% of the time and I cannot live up to the expectations I set for myself. I guess it comes from being a stay at home mom...I do daycare part time to bring in extra $$ and my share of the bacon if you will but I just put this enormous amount of pressure on myself to have to earn my keep! Perfection?!?! What a joke!!!

My house does not need to be perfectly clean, sometimes dinner is not going to be this amazing meal that arrives on time, my kids can watch more TV than "the man" says they should, enjoy my girls - they are 2 & 6 already and they will be 16 & 20 before I know it! Embrace the craziness and chaos instead of fighting it, help out friends but don't be ashamed to receive help either! These are just a few of my new rules. I have made a promise to myself & my family for a weekly family game night...a monthly date night with the hubs (even if after paying the sitter all we can afford to do is sit at the lake and look out at the water).....spending less time working on the never ending to do list and more time savoring everyday moments.....taking time for myself to not be a mom or wife but just a woman with thoughts and ideas and hobbies and friends all of my own.......all of this is easier said than done for me...especially the last one........BUT I will not have a crappy marriage and I will not make my kids look back and wish things had gone differently and have to make this change in their adult life because I didn't make it in mine, I will be that example for them of how to live a full and happy I will make this change and hope to see everyone benefit from it!

The saying - A happy wife makes a happy life - SO women we wear many hats and expect so much from ourselves but just as I heard from a speaker at MOPS this morning who was talking about stress with the holiday season....she said - simplify.....a frazzled mom is no fun!!!

So its out there for the whole world to see....or at least the handful of people that read this blog ;) Hold me to it friends!!!!!

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  1. Nichole- you seem to accomplish so much and never seem frazzled! You are an awesome Mama and wife, neighbor, friend, etc!! That being said we all as moms need to adopt a little "simple" and just play with our kids even if it means crawling over debris to do it! Great post!