Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to my dear ole hubby!

Ok - so this picture isnt on his birthday today, just daddy & savannah being silly awhile back but its fitting with the party hats & all!!!

Today is Dave's 35th birthday! WOW, when the heck did I become married to such an OLD dude? :) I guess thats saying I am old as well since I am only 1.5 years behind him! YIKES!

Savannah has been so cute asking what kind of party he wants to have and thinking about gifts to get him..Her 1st gift suggestion was "big mud tires cause he would really love em" Aww...she does pay attention when he is drooling over his 4wheel & Offroad magazines and showing her all the pictures of mud covered trucks! I told her that was sweet but too expensive and not to mention the horrible gas mileage he would get, LOL!!! Her next idea was candy from Buyeas because you know the 2 of them cannot and will not go into Buyeas without getting candy! Dave is getting a Big&Rich cd from the girls and some motorcycle repair manual he is D-Y-I-N-G for from me...who knows, sounds BORING to me but its what he wants and when $$ is tight like it is right now he is happy just getting to pick out dinner - which by the way is steaks on the grill (he will be the one grilling in the snow!!) potato salad and a snickers icecream cake for dessert!

So..happy 35th birthday to my crazy woodchuck husband, and here is to 35 more!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Dave! Hope you have a great one! We love ya, The Smith's