Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SUPER-COOL Mom or Mommy lost her mind?!?!?

So...As I was chalkboard painting the inside of the playroom door this morning 1 mom part of me was thinking to myself "Super cool mom, you rock & the girls are gonna have sooo much fun with this BIG chalking surface!!!" Well, now that I am waiting for the 1st coat to dry so I can apply the second & final coat the other mom part (you know, the mom who takes the kids to the dentist, makes them eat their veggies, etc, boring but must be done, etc) is thinking "what the heck am I thinking, envisioning chalk dust all over the carpet, walls and toys..Emerson eating chalk & the big kids I watch after school chalking bad words & pictures utterly ruining my girls innocence!!!" Ok, so I am not exactly THAT torn over this but I am still not sure what side of the fence I will land with this one!!!!!!! Will post a pic when its completed and if I allow a piece of chalk to come into the room once its done :)

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  1. We painted a whole wall in Alyssa's room and she LOVE'S it! Can't wait for friends to come over and tag it! I love it (but she is old enough to vaccum her own room!). This would be a great learning tool to teach Savannah how to vaccum. Start early they love it and it's much easier to get them on the cleaning game!