Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dumpster Diving!

So....Saturday morning I was driving home from the pediatrician with Emmie & spotted this chair leg sticking out of a dumpster..I could barely see the chair itself but could tell it was AMAZING & meant for me!! Dark maroon fabric, queen anne style with curvy wooden legs WONDERFUL wingback chair! I could tell all this @ 50mph from the rearview mirror of my car! I had to have this chair..even if it was in bad shape, I could make my sister Paula come out and help me recover it, or force my trusty friend & neighbor Janine into helping me....I had to get in that dumpster and FAST....and by that I mean I had to make Dave get back over there ASAP & climb in that dumpster to retrieve my treasure!!!!!!!!!

So, I race home inform Dave of this amazingly wonderful find which is was OVER THE MOON THRILLED about (a.k.a grunting & whining about going to look thru some dumpster in the snow for me) He is a trooper though and went...well it was not only 1 chair but 2! A pair of beautiful antique wingback chairs that were covered in snow and dust and dirt but solid & in really good shape..I brushed the snow off, let them air out in the garage a bit then brought them inside, vacuumed them off, washed them down with laundry soap & hot water, Febreezed the crap outta them a few times and


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  1. Jackpot of the YEAR! You have the best dumpsters ever! I want to come sooooo bad.