Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ahh...the smell of bargains!

It's kind of sad what gets me all excited and giddy these days...makes me feel like an old housewife whom I guess I kind of am now....married for almost 8 years and 2 kids later....the "good ole days" are long behind me....don't get me wrong, I am happy with the way my life has turned out and wouldn't change the "highlights" over the past 15 years for anything!!!! OK, with a lead-in like that you might be let down by my BIG exciting story from this morning's errands!

I am a coupon queen, sale price addict, clearance junkie...not only willing to admit it but am totally proud of it! I am always telling Dave that even if we were rich I think I would still cut coupons, scour CraigsList and shop clearance racks or wait till something goes on sale...really, if you can pay $5 for something or get it for $2 come on, it just makes sense!!! I get a high when the cashier @ P&C gives me my total and shows I saved more w/ coupons & store savings buys than I spent!!! :)

I was out @ Kinney Drugs this morning and walked in with my list, their sale ad for the week & a fist full of coupons!! I came out with..(drum roll please) 2 4-packs of Cottenelle toilet paper, 2 bottles of Lubriderm sensitive skin lotion & 1 bottle of Aveeno sensitive skin body wash..........for a grand total of $6.17 including tax! WAAHOO - the cashier was even impressed and kept looking at the receipt to make sure she had not messed up!

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