Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Beauty......

Although it is CRAZY cold out lately, (like not reaching more than 10 degrees for several days) there are beautiful parts of winter in Central New York also....the fact that I get to stay home instead of heading out on those days that you look outside the windows from within your warm and toasty home to a snow bank almost as tall as the light pole in the front yard & the sound of the bitter cold wind whipping around with snow falling and blowing all around makes it easier to really enjoy the beauty of the winter weather! Snow falling, those big huge flakes I like to call "movie snow" and the sight of frozen trees glistening with snow clinging in all their branches. These are the beautiful parts in winter..not the many cars in ditches and the gross ugly black & gray snow pushed on the sides of all the roads by the plows that make it worth living here.

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