Saturday, January 2, 2010

Overcoming my craft challenged self!!!

Ok, so I am TOTALLY craft challenged...I see all these awesome crafts, projects, etc on these blogs and sites I love but never try them...until today!!!! I have been wanting a cool bulletin board for Savannah's room and came across one on a blog I follow -

So, we went to Joanns yesterday I got all the materials we needed & Savannah picked her fabric & ribbon, picked up a cheap frame @ Salvation Army and away we went...worked on it today and it came out really well for my 1st solo craft attempt ;) I was scared to death staring at all the materials in front of me w/ no help in sight, the frame that needed to be taken apart to remove the picture and glass, the roll of cork, the yard of fabric & ribbon, some crazy magical glue called "Mod Podge" which I am now a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of since the stuff is amazing and easy to work with even for the craft challenged like myself!

Here are some pics of the project, Savannah is thrilled & Dave WILL hang it in her room tomorrow or else!!! :)

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