Monday, November 14, 2011

Entryway facelift!

Our entryway is a really large, really long space...makes it difficult to make it functional too!  So, remember back here when I refinished an old church pew so we would have more seating?  Well since that we have done nothing, nadda, zip to finish off that space! 

Its no secret I am seriously addicted to pinterest...well out of the 1000's of pins I have, I knew right away that 2 pins were meant for this entryway space! {Dave threatens to take away my internet on a daily basis now!}

This photo seen on pinterest.....
led me to find these plans on how to build the shelf instruct Dave on building the shelf! 

And this photo from pinterest

Now, entryway before shot!

and here is the after shot!
Still more updates to come - like finally making a cushion, adding some cutsies to the shelf above, baskets underneath pew for hats & mittens, but I am thrilled so far!

We made a few adjustments to the shelf to make it larger and for the signs I just bought a piece of 1x8 lumber and had Dave cut them down to to 9" blocks,  I happened to have an old curtain rod, just gave it a quick blast of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint to match the hooks. We used the basic thoughts behind the original ideas & just made them work for us!