Friday, September 10, 2010

The world lost a wonderful person yesterday.....

Dave's Great Aunt Carol passed away last night after her battle with cancer became too much. I say his Great Aunt not only because she was his grandfather's sister but she was also a GREAT and amazing woman.
I remember the very first time I met her, we came to NY for our wedding shower in 2001 held at Dave's parents house. There were so many relatives I had never met and coming from a small family it was totally overwhelming for me. While I wish I could say I remember everyone in attendance I can't but I do remember Aunt Carol..she was so sweet and welcoming! She made you feel instantly at home and like you have known her for ages. I got to know her even better when we moved to NY in 2002 and she was truly one of my favorite relatives! Dave has an amazing extended family, something I never really had growing up and longed to give my own kids. We saw Aunt Carol faithfully every year at Thanksgiving at the Amber Fire hall and I always saw her at Creative Memories events and baby showers, retirement parties..any reason for celebration or visiting! Kept in touch on facebook and through emails, thank God for technology these days, it truly is amazing!

She was a sister, cousin, wife, mom, aunt, great aunt, grandma and friend to so many...I was so blessed to have the pleasure of knowing her and will always treasure those memories. Her daughter Suzanne said it best today "When a person dies they say a library burns down" Aunt Carol truly was a library of knowledge, family history and amazing stories. She will be dearly missed by all who were lucky enough to know her.

Rest in Peace Aunt Carol - you are loved and missed greatly by all!

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  1. I'm so sorry for you loss. Thoughts, prayers and a BIG hug!