Monday, September 13, 2010


So..summer is quickly coming to and end...cooler temperatures and school has started. With the change of seasons garage sales end and so I rely heavily on craigslist and freecycle to get me through the months till I can once again troll the neighborhoods for bargains with Janine!

I am not complaining since Fall is my most favorite season but then comes winter....{enter the creepy dun dun duuuunnnnnnnnn music} I am sooooo not ready for the snow to fly just yet!

Here are a couple of SCORES made lately!

This little lady I believe in her previous life was a mirror on top an antique dresser....I found her beside the road {yes curbshopping once again, its a sickness for which there is NO cure my hubby is convinced!} I envision her getting a bright funky new color and turning into a chalkboard for the playroom!

These beautiful end tables {yup, got 2 of them!!} were a FREEBIE scored through a local acquaintance who's grandmother gave them to her! Look at those legs.........couldn't you just die!!!!! I HEART them!! They are becoming bedside tables in our master bedroom..goodbye junky old flimsy tables....hello gorgeous leggy beauties ;) AND I am still undecided on painting/distressing them or leaving them as is.....I already hauled them into the bedroom so we will see if they grow on me or if the paint monster takes over! They are marked "Bassett Furniture" on the bottom.......anyone know anything about that brand?


  1. Ok you are seriously out of control... Bassett was the brand crib my children had in back in the early 90's was a good furniture co, they will last well.. your pal Janine :-)

  2. Score is right! It’s crazy what some people throw away. You new find is going to make an amazing chalk board!

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

  3. that old mirror will look amazing as a chalboard! Great find!
    Thanks for stopping by.