Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Posting! :)

Ok, so as there are snowflakes outside my window this morning...yes I said it, snow - the bad 4 letter word starting with S since its almost May!?!?!? Anyhoo....here are some random pictures and thoughts! I do love spring time, the beginning of being outside more than inside :) My daffodils are pretty much done @ this point and the tulips (my most FAV!) are coming along nicely, forsythia is still in full bloom and the hyacinth are hanging in there too!

Spring also means the kick-off of garage sale season, this Saturday is the HUMONGOUS Academy Hill & Eagle Heights neighborhood sales! Cannot wait for those, not only because you are bound to find something amazing with hundreds of homes participating but its really the beginning of the treasure hunting that my friend/neighbor and I will do all summer long! Craigslist can only tide me over for so long ;)

Savannah has her first soccer practice tonight, if it doesn't end up getting snowed out! YUCK, cannot believe I even have to say that!
Emerson is as crazy as ever, still doing Toddler Tango every Wednesday morning and she loves it, whats not to love a room full of rambunctious 1-4 year olds running, dancing & singing!!

We are still working on our million home projects! Feels like the list is never shorter but grows longer all the time! Dave is almost done sheetrocking the playroom addition and that means he can move onto finish hanging the sheetrock in the garage so we can finally get our door opener installed (oh that will be a glorious day -que the birds singing and heavens opening up! lol) we have lots of little projects outdoors to finish up as well, not to mention getting our garden tilled and ready for planting! It is a pile of unsplit firewood right now..so like all the projects we have on our "To Do" list we have to take care of something else first before we can even begin the project!! We also have a huge pile of this amazing white picket fence Dave scored from an old co-worker for FREE that will go around the garden to keep all the kiddos and dogs out, better add that to his "honey do" list before I forget or he tries to get out of it!!

OH - and I cannot forget to mention my AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, DREAM antique sink for my laundry room that will someday come to be!!! That is, after the playroom sheetrock is done, garage is completed & yadda yadda yadda ;) she is lovely and sitting in our shed all covered up right now but soon she will be one of the main features in my laundry/mud room! RED, BLACK & WHITE is my color plan! thank you again craig, whoever you are, for your truly amazing list ;)

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  1. nichole,
    i let out a exasperated shriek when i saw the snowflakes this morning! ugh...so glad the sun is out now, even if it is still less than 60 degrees...forecast is for 70's the end of the week!
    i hear ya with the millions of projects to do. my hubs is retiring the end of may and do i have a LIST for him! he does has his own vending business that he will be working at but the 12 hour shifts at UPS will soon be faint memories!
    love the sink! the finish is superb. isn't craigslist the greatest?!
    we took a huge cast iron sink out of our kitchen and would like to use it near my potting shed. the finish isn't the greatest anymore but cleans up nicely with bon ami.
    enjoy the garage sales...hope you post your treasures for all to see!