Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh yes....I did it!


The Chalkboard after!

Chalkboard painted the refrigerator........there it sat, in the middle of my kitchen full of black appliances.......the big BRIGHT WHITE refrigerator (ok so not really bright white when you get up close since I discovered when taking it apart for painting it under ALL those magnets & pictures it was scurvy dirty!!) for the last almost 6 years it has driven me CRAAAAZY! We designed and built our kitchen when I was pregnant with Savannah..we literally had it all ripped out, stove in the middle of the room, utility sink barely hooked up and a refrigerator in the living room when I said "honey I am pregnant!?!? so HURRY on the remodeling!" I am sure I wasn't that polite but oh well!

So, I couldn't justify spending $1000 on a new fridge when we had one that worked fine and so we kept it, I knew I wanted all black appliances with the cream cabinets so the wall ovens and dishwasher and cook top we bought all new black and stainless...finally I had enough...I had bought chalkboard paint for the playroom door awhile back and on the can I noticed it said "refrigerator" under uses...then I looked online for people who had done it to see what it involved and how it would turn out...then I told Dave my plan, he was scared but this old fridge is just going to end up in the garage someday anyway so who cares..
Here it is after "seasoning" it

So, it was really easy, just time consuming since you have to remove all the hardware, sand it down, prime 2 coats and paint 3 coats with lengthy time in between coats, wait 2 days to fully harden & then "season it" (rub chalk all over then erase)...BUT its done and great! I write the menu for dinner on it and Savannah has fun "chalking" on it too! I still want my new black french door fridge someday but now at least its not screaming WHITE at me every time I see it! :)

Here it is complete w/ magnets again!


  1. hi nichole,
    thanks for stopping by my blog! i love what you've done with your fridge...great idea, especially for the little ones to be artsy & creative. i too love chalkboard paint as i painted several items along with the end cupboard in our kitchen.
    i am so thrilled that you found me and that you live SO close! i actually graduated from Caz College way back when it was still an all women's 2 yr. college. it's funny, for so long every blog has been from the south, canada or the midwest...and now i've found about 3 or 4 from NY.
    i hope to go to the bouckville show this august which is right down the road from you...have you ever been there? it's really awesome and a bit overwhelming too.
    i added myself as a follower to keep up with your amazing projects & ideas (have to try the laundry soap). until next time...
    judi ;)

  2. Ok, this is so weird, I saw you were a follower and clicked on your blog to check it out, and was just going to comment on the chalkboard painted fridge, (great idea, btw) only to find that you AND another blogger are in Central New York too! The bouckville antique show is the very best of the year, and I try to get there at least twice during it's run.
    And Caz college is only a half hour away from me. Small world, eh? I too thought all bloggers lived in texas or the midwest!