Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I miss my family.....

There are some days where its really hard to live on the other side of the United States than the rest of my family......Hardest part is I am missing moments with my nieces and nephews, precious moments that I only get to see in pictures and emails and FB updates ;) Thank God for FB though because I chat with 3 of my older nieces regularly now and am loving that!!!

I had a nice long chat with my oldest sister today on the phone, its been ages since I have talked to her and I really miss both my sisters...these are the times where we should be together, hanging out & enjoying each other...doing things with our kids & just as sisters too..since we spent the 1st half of our lives together hating each other, getting in fights & torturing each other...ok so the fighting & hating was mostly me and my middle sister & the torturing came from those 2 onto me since I was the baby.....lol BUT I really do think I am missing out! Its not like we would be living in some family compound and seeing each other daily...but knowing that 1 phone call and I would have someone to run to Target with or go to a chic movie with or a babysitter I could totally trust!

I do love where we live and I cannot give up this lifestyle for my girls for anything....but there are moments I just wish it wasn't quite so far...I know everyone likes to point the finger and remind me that I am the one who moved away but it doesn't mean that its any easier on me than it is on them!

Sorry for the downer post but just feeling homesick....I think we need a visit to AZ soon!

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