Friday, June 5, 2009


No big plans for this weekend...tomorrow is supposed to be AWESOME weather..low-mid 70s and sunny so we plan on outside time all day!!! Garage sales in the morning with Janine, still searching for a double jogger...especially if I get this childcare thing up and running I will need one for sure!

Girls are finally starting to feel better and sleep again, thank goodness!!! We got paperwork in the mail for Savannah's kindergarten orientation..amazing to me she will be in Kindergarten this Fall...where did the time go? Before I know it I will be putting Emerson on the bus!! YIKES!?!?! Luckily Savannah has several preschool friends in her class with Mrs.Bailey for a teacher who I have heard wonderful things about so I think it will be a great year for her! I do look forward to the girls growing up and being older..I see Paula with her girls and my neighbor Linda with her girls and I look forward to those times as they get older but these young moments are going so fast and I know its so hard now but I will miss them when they are all grown up...its happening faster than possible it seems!

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