Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Praying for 1 more kid.......

OK, with a lead-in like that I know what you are all thinking....no, we are not having anymore children...2 is PLENTY!!!!!!! I really want to be able to quit my job but we need my income...so childcare is what I am looking into...I have 3 PT kids lined up to start end of June BUT if I do not have 1 FT kid I cannot afford to make this switch...I think this would be such a great thing for us and my girls would have much more playtime and I could stop missing all those moments I wont ever get back...I am tied to the computer for 25 hours a week and it is killing me since Emerson came along last summer...something has to give..........so keep your prayers going and fingers crossed I can get 1 FT kid lined up ASAP!!!

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