Monday, June 15, 2009


WOW!?!?! Its been an entire week since I posted here...guess when I am not tied to the computer for work I dont find the time to blog either! Its been a GREAT break so far..I start taking kids next week, my PT 16 month old starts Monday and the 2 FT school age kiddos start Thursday so after that our house will be rockin and rollin for the summer but I am so excited!

AMAZED at how much I can get done while Emmie naps or while Savannah is at preschool, or when they are both nice to be able to take advantage of those times and do things other than sit on the computer and try to squeeze in all the time I can!

We have lots of fun activities planned and just enjoying the outdoors and summer weather with my own girls and these new kids as well! Gee....sure wish my oldest sister would come out and enjoy the time off I have left before I start up childcare.......HINT! HINT Paula since you are the ONLY one that even knows about this blog!

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