Thursday, January 16, 2014

Master Bedroom makeover - DIY headboard

When we first moved from AZ to NY and bought our dump of a house in 2003 we proceeded to gut the entire thing...and by gut I mean down to the wall studs and floor joists!  We don't mess around!

Our master bedroom and bathroom were the first to happen!  For obvious reasons, while the kitchen was atrocious and the whole house a disaster zone we needed somewhere to actually take a shower and feel clean afterwards!  So fast forward 10+ years later and it needs a little updating.  We recently redid our master bathroom, here.  So we continued on into the bedroom this month.  We never had a window in our room and now we do! SCORE! Never realized what a dark cave it was before! This wall backs up to the hall near our kitchen which we access our back patio from, Dave chopped the hall in half, swapped the window for the door and BAM! 

I have a slight addiction to big secret there, I mean seriously who doesn't?!? Its like the best of everything, you don't have to be creative and crafty because millions of people out there already are and you can just copy them!! HA!HA!   I had been searching DIY headboards and narrowed it down to a few top choices, nothing was just perfect enter a SUPER handy husband {thank God, I mean really I do thank God for this man and his talents - no joke he's like a jack of all trades, computer nerd by day and car mechanic/carpenter/handyman by night!}  Although he likes to give me heaping bucket loads just a bit of grief about all my projects he does enjoy the end result just as much as I do! 

Here is our new updated master bedroom! See our dresser re-do here!

 I upholstered 3 panels and tried my hand at tufting for the first time ever!
Seriously gorgeous trim!

Made some pillows out of fabrics I fell in love with shopping for headboard panels!
Finally, the window! So nice to have natural light in there


  1. UMMMM can come do my bedroom any day! Fantastic!

  2. LOVE how it all turned out! In the end the comforter is a perfect color pick! You 2 are very talented. I need to buy a house again this renting is hard when you get a DIY bug. Love ya Paula