Friday, January 3, 2014

Easy Peasy Envelope Pillow Covers!

Its that time of year......Christmas is over and the excitement for the new year has already started to wear we are into the dreaded never ending winter......cooped up and housebound on days like today that the temperature doesn't even get to 0!  Need to jazz things up a bit, add a bit of color!

I followed this super quick and easy tutorial and made some covers for our couch pillows!  I LOVE the velvety brown & left one alone but its just kinda feeling drab this time of year and I'm dreaming of the colors and feelings of Spring!

Super quick & easy and best of all CHEAP.....and this allows me the freedom to switch out as the seasons or my taste {just ask Dave this happens A LOT} change!!!



goldish color super soft cozy chenille

fun warm retro flower print on chocolate background

olive green with brown poppy embroidery

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