Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to Mr. Fab Four!

Happy birthday to the hubby today he turns 39! 

I cant imagine life without the guy & cant explain how thankful I am for him as my husband, best friend and daddy to our girls!  Take today for example, we had it all planned out....he was going to go into work late, I promised him a birthday breakfast date at our local diner....wake up to the horrid wind and crazy snow storm, school delayed then closed and plans changed in a hurry.....we enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee at home before the girls woke up instead then he loaded them up and drove to Aunt Connie's for the day on his way to work, since I'm in training for work this week and cant manage a snow day of kids on top of that!  He's ALWAYS there when you need him and does anything under the sun for his family.

Happy Birthday Dave!  We love you!

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