Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rockin Pink Highchair!

Spring has sprung EARLY in New York and what better way to celebrate than getting your spray paint on!??!  Cranked Bob Marley and soaked in the sun at the same time.  I swear spray paint is like my drug of choice and its been waaaaayyyy too long since we had a date like that!

I have had this highchair in the attic forever, remember this one I (err I mean Santa) made for Emerson..well I had grabbed a spare at the time too! 

Before                                                                                              After!!

Sorry for the super crappy phone pic..The color is glossy watermelon! YUM-O!

My super awesome, wonderful and talented photographer friend Jenn will be using this as a prop for shoots!!! Book with her now before she fills up, I promise you will NOT be disappointed!  You should check out her amazingness for yourself!  Here & Here and of course on FB!

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